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Listening Notes
Welcome to our online live broadcast of emergency service operations through our online scanner. This feed is streamed from our fire station, located at 405 Cortez Road in Jefferson Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

If this is your first time listening to a scanner, please use the following references to help educate yourself and become familiar on what is being said.

At times you may also notice long periods of silence. This is normal due to their being no current radio transmissions. Be patient, your bound to hear something sooner or later.

At times you may only hear one side of a radio transmission, this is also normal, due to the geographical layout of our area and due to the county using non-repeated frequencies.

This scanner feed is live, though it may be delayed at times several seconds.

Each geographical area is assigned a "venue number". Each town uses this venue number to identify their emergency vehicles. The following is a guideline on how the venue numbers are used:
          Fire units are prefixed with their unit type (Rescue, Engine, Tanker, Ladder, Brush) followed by their
             venue number.  i.e. Engine 29
          Municipal EMS unit pre-fixes range from 9 to 7 following their venue number.  i.e. 29-9
          County ALS units begin with an abbreviation of their service name (i.e. Lackawanna Ambulance = LA)
             followed by their unit number.  i.e. LA 10

Current frequencies programmed in the Scan List are:
          Lackawanna County Fire - Zone 3
Lackawanna County EMA
          Wayne County Fire Dispatch
Wayne County Fire Operations 2
Wayne County Fire Operations 3
Jefferson Township Fire Private
Abington Area Tac 2  
Lower Lackawanna Tac 2
Mid Valley Mutual Aid
          North Pocono Mutual Aid

At times you may hear frequencies being broadcast not listed above. This is due to the scan list being user programmable and may be changed periodically by personnel at the station.

Use the following chart to help identify venue numbers:
Lackawanna County Venues:
Station 2: Chinchilla
Station 4: Clarks Summit
Station 5: Dalton
Station 6: Dunmore
Station 7: Moscow
Station 8: Newton Ransom
Station 14: Covington
Station 15: Elmhurst-Roaring Brook
Station 20: Peckville
Station 21: Archbald
Station 22: Blakely
Station 23: Dickson City
Station 24: Greenfield
Station 25: Jessup
Station 26: Olyphant
Station 27: Throop
Station 28: Justus
Station 29: Jefferson Township
Station 31: Jessup
Station 33: Eynon
Station 36: Scott Township
Station 50: City of Scranton
Station 51: City of Carbondale
Station 53: Spring Brook Township
Station 54: Thornhurst
Station 55: Gouldsboro
Station 56: Madisonville
Station 58: Jermyn
Station 59: Mayfield
Station 60: Carbondale Township
Station 62: Whites Crossing
Station 93: Old Forge
Station 95: Taylor
Station 98: Moosic
Wayne County Venues:
Company 1: Lake Ariel
Company 3: Northern Wayne
Company 9: Hawley
Company 13: Honesdale
Company 18: Lakeville
Company 21: Beach Lake
Company 23: Greene Dreher
Company 32: White Mills
Company 36: Ledgedale
Company 41: Forest City
Company 42: Vandling
Company 43: Browndale
Company 67: Hamlin
Company 68: Maplewood
Company 75: Waymart
Company 94: Prompton


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